What We Do

Specializing in public & government relations.

Public Relations

Risk Management


Identify the Risk: We conduct an exploratory session to identify risks that our client may be faced with.


Analyze the risk: Upon identification, we determine the consequence, and nature, of each risk.


Evaluate the Risk: We evaluate the risk by determining its magnitude– a combination of likelihood and consequence—and evaluate whether it is serious enough to warrant treatment.


Treat the Risk: We assess the ‘highest’ ranked risks and create a crisis communications plan, involving risk mitigation strategies, preventive plans, contingency steps, and public relations tactics to distribute positive messaging. After the plan is created, we continue to work alongside clients as we execute the plan together. Believing in the significance of integrity and transparency, Giesbrecht & Company is committed to helping our clients conduct themselves in a manner above reproach– no matter how challenging a situation may be.

Media Relations

At the core of every effective strategy, is a comprehensive and strategic communications plan, which focuses on internal and external communications. From creating the narrative and sub-narratives , to assisting with the authoring of press releases and official public statements, to launching integrated social media strategies, Giesbrecht & Company create consistent messaging, while taking into account the risk management issues that were previously identified. We recognize and embrace the role that traditional media and social media plays, particularly in today’s time.

Crisis Communications

Unfortunately, and no matter how prepared a client may be for potential crisis, there are times when a campaign or project takes an unfortunate turn, resulting in negative impact. Giesbrecht & Company works with our clients to not only diffuse the situation, but to ‘reframe’ it in such a way that our clients earn the credibility they deserve.

Public and Stakeholder Engagement

With almost any development project the neighborhood needs to be brought along through the process in order to maintain a clear understanding of the projects value to the community at large. Many times a poorly communicated initiative has fostered opposition, which then leads to costly delays in the approval process. It is nearly inevitable that if a public relations strategy is created and executed early on, savings in carrying costs alone can far outweigh our hours billed to a project. Through our team’s network of relationships in the region, we can build a broad coalition of support that can ultimately create the political will to move a project forward, in the face of a vocal minority. From associations, to special interest groups, stakeholders can be the key to approval, or the death-knell to an otherwise worthy project. Our job is to get them on-side, turning them into raving fans.

Government Relations

Property Development Advocacy

Simply put, advocacy is turning a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’. A confused or ill-informed person will almost always say ‘No’.

We help decision-makers see the value in our client proposals, and we achieve this by creating an accurate and compelling narrative around a project that stands on its own merit. Acting as advocates on behalf of our clients we ensure that the right stakeholders are familiar with the necessary facts to make informed decisions. Dedicated to mitigating misinformation, championing the facts, and building coalitions of support, Giesbrecht & Company focuses on building consensus and delivering wins.

While these activities often take place between organizations and the broader community, we also work in between the various arms of government, building bridges and ensuring our clients’ needs aren’t lost in the minutia of bureaucracy.

Local & Regional Government Lobbying

Most land use issues are governed at the municipal level, but depending on the particulars, the regional government may also have jurisdiction, and need to be sought for approvals. Our role is to maintain relational equity with senior staff and the elected Mayor’s and council in our region’s municipalities. We value these relationships very much and selectively choose which projects to get behind.

We have connectivity to nearly all of the municipalities in BC, with a particular focus on the Lower Mainland. We regularly interact with the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver Regional Districts, as it relates to amendments needed for more complex project approvals.